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An Old Lady with Her Kindness

I have an experience when i was on elementary school. In that time, i was on 5th grade. Everyday, after school i always playing with my friends on the front of school. We played some games like hide and seek.

While we waiting to be picked up, there's an old lady who selling peanuts. She said that she didn't have money for feed her grandchild. Then i run to my bag on the sidewalk. I take my wallet and go back to her. i took my money and give my money to her. She really thankful to me.

When i already at home, i realized that i lost my wallet. I search it on my bag until the smallest part, but i didn't find it. I was afraid of being scolded by my mother. I decided to search it again at school tomorrow.

On the next day, i search it on my desk at school, but, i still didn't find it. I go to my friend and ask her about my wallet, then she said 'Yesterday you gave your money to an old lady right?'. Then i sighed because i guess i can't see the old lady again. I th…

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