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Planning For Holiday

At the break time Fira and Fai was chatting together.
Fai: "How was your exam?" Fira : "It's a horrible. I just want to go holiday" Fai : "Oh!Are you plannning for your holiday?" Fira : "Of course i am" Fai : "Where do you want to spend your holiday?" Fira : "I really want to go to Egypt!" Fai : "Really? Wow, you really plan your holiday seriously!" Fira : "Of course. I want to see Pyramid" Fai : "Why? Do you have a reason?' Fira : "Because, The Pyramid's Carvings are wonderfull. I've seen it on television, so i must see the real one." Fai : "Cool. Then what will you do then?" Fira : "I will riding a camel."

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